Unf*ckwithable Contracts

Created by Ash Ambirge, this downloadable legal kit contains a modern collection of lawyer-drafted contract templates + terms made specifically for online #freelancers and #entrepreneurs.


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I just want to AGAIN thank you for your *ROCKSTAR* Unf*ckwithable Legal Kit. It is SO amazing. I really can't thank you enough for offering this at such a generous price to help me get my business start-up legal confusion under wraps. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

I love the Unf*ckwithable Legal Kit! I am going through the online business guide that came with the contracts and it’s been so helpful. I’m putting everything in my arsenal to be unfuckwithable!

I've used the Client Service Agreement with three clients already, including additional Statements of Work for follow-up work with one client. Beautiful! Glorious! So much better than having to do a new contract every time!

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